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Cold Rolling

With the cold rolling process, we produce materials with tighter mechanical properties and also tighter thickness tolerances, as well as better surface quality not achievable at steel mills.

This process consists of taking a pickled hot rolled coil and cold rolling it to the thickness the customer demands, using a combination of annealing and a subsequent skinpass process. All this allows the material ductility to enable producing almost any kind of material.

After this, the materials are slitted to the final demanded widths, they are then packaged and ready to be dispatched.

Our product portfolio is between 0.2 mm and 4.0 mm, depending on the grade, and between 10 mm and 650 mm wide.

Type of materialGradeNorm
Cold rolledC10E to C100SEN 10132
51CrV4 and 58CrV4EN 10132
9MnPb28 and 11MnPb30EN 10087
DC01 LC-C590 to DC06EN 10139
ST 37-2 to ST42-2 DIN 1623
HC260LA to HC420LA EN 10268
AU500 to AU900 Product range

High-strength and fine grained microalloyed steel

The new AU grades combine a high yield strength with high ductility.

These grades far exceed the elastic limits of the standard DIN 10268, with maximum values of 500MPa, whereas the new AU grades have elastic limits that go from 500 to 900MPa.

Mechanical properties for AU steels:

QualityRp MpaRm MpaA%

Chemical composition (weight %):

DC01 EK-DC06 EK, DC03ED-DC06 EDEN 10209

Sendzimir Technology

Our cold rolling process is based on Sendzimir technology . This technology is known worldwide by its ability to roll extremely hard materials to very thin gauges, with few intermediate anneals.

Besides it’s capable of holding extremely close gauge tolerances, that are very difficult to obtain on conventional cold rolling mills.

Sendzimir rolling mills consist in a cluster of rolls as shown in the following picture:

Basic layout photo laminados

Work rolls have small sizes, which allows higher reductions. Furthermore, because of its easy handling, they can be easily changed, ensuring the highest surface quality.

With the aim to reduce the size of the work rolls, Sendzimir rolling mills have back-up rolls to withstand the high pressures generated during rolling. The complex design of the rolls, makes possible easy adjustments for maximum flatness.

sendzimir_detalle01 sendzimir_detalle02


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