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Service Centre

For the transformation of coils, we have several slitting lines and also one cut-to-length line. With them we can produce strips and also sheets in the following dimensions:

  • Widths from 10 mm to 1,650 mm and from 300 mm to 6.000 mm in length.
  • The process in a steel service centre is quite simple as the number of operations involved is small.
  • With regard to Layde, we are refering to these group of products: Pickled, hot deep galvanized, standard cold rolled, electrozincated and organic coated material.

All the above coils are produced in steel mills, except the pickled material which is generally produced at Layde. Layde is responsible for slitting and packaging the coils our customers need.

When talking about pickled material, the coils we receive are hot rolled, that is with a rust layer, so these coils need a pickling process to remove this rust. See pickling process.

These materials are standard, with all properties following the Norm.

  • Pickled - DD11 to DD14 - EN 10111
  • Pickled - S235JR to S355JR – EN 10025
  • Pickled - S315MC to S700MC – EN 10149
  • Galvanized - DX51D + Z/ZF to DX57D+Z/ZF - EN 10346
  • Galvanized - S220GD+Z to S550GD+Z - EN 10346
  • Galvanized - HX260LAD+Z/ZF to HX420LAD+Z/ZF - EN 10346
  • Galvanized - HCT600X+Z/ZF to HCT780X+Z - EN 10346
  • Organic coated – Upon demand – RAL XXXX


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